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Extra Pollen Filter : Outside Air Quality Improvement

18 Feb 2015 : Cabin Filter 

Without the external pollen filter fitted, the dirt outside is drawn into the cabin and trapped at the cabin carbon filter.  After several months, dirt would build up and the filter would require replacement annually. 

Dirt Trapped inside the Cabin Carbon Filter

Cabin Carbon Filter after several months without external Pollen Filter

Original Mesh Housing does not prevent dirt and insects from entering the cabin.

External Pollen Filter is installed over original opening. 
This prevents dirt from outside from reaching the carbon filter 

27 Sept 2014 Tiguan Pollen Filter

Fitting the VW Pollen Filter on the Tiguan 2012 but we found that the housing on the Tiguan is different in size. It is not possible to fit the standard vent housing on the Tig. 

Accessing the Tiguan Air Intake Vent was easier than the other models.

The Exposed Vent and half opened vent flap as usual ( ignition off )
The Tiguan housing vs the standard VW housing (below)

25 August 2014

Our car usually have an intake air vent and two exhaust air vents. The intake vent is located in the bulkhead area and shaded from rain water.  

Fresh air is drawn into this vent by the impeller motor and pushes the air through the standard pollen filter just before the air conditioning evaporator/heater . 

Exhaust air is pushed through the cabin and exit the veihicle through the vents on the rear end of the vehicle. Usually located behind the rear bumper. The vents are automatically closed when the car is not in motion. This is done via a rubber flap valve gate. These valve gates opens up only when there is positive air pressure from inside the cabin during closing of doors or when the air re-circulation switch is off. 

Exhaust Vent of a Scirocco ( Left Side Rear Bumper )

Problem with most vehicles here when rear parking sensors are fitted locally.  The contractor takes a short cut and run the cables thru the vent instead of using a grommet opening.  Here, the vents stays open like an opened door. 
The Rear Parking Sensor cables leading out of the Right Side Vent Gate

The Rubber Vent Gates stays opened and deformed

For the Front fresh air intake, it is protected with a meshing which would block large leaves and particles from coming into the cabin. The opening of the meshing is relative large and would allow dirt and particles to be drawn into the cabin.  These are trapped by the charcoal/pollen filter before the evaporator. However, the dust, dirt particles are also trapped onto the impeller fan motor.  Worst of all, it will allow small insect into the cabin.  Guess this is how the small roaches come into the cabin.  It is an open invitation to the smaller insects. 

Front Fresh Air Intake with meshing and Air Quality Sensor on left side 

The Electric Recirculation Flap ( green seal ) is normally opened when ignition is off !
The opening on the meshing would allow most small insects to slip in 

To improve the intake quality of the air coming into the cabin and also to prevent the ingress of small insects, an extra pollen filter can be added onto the vehicle using original VW parts. 

The original open grille housing is removed. 

The VW Pollen Filter Housing is place over the opening and secured. 

Pollen Filter is placed over opening and secured.  Air Quality Sensor reattached. 

Rain Deflector is reattached over the new assembly.

Finished Retrofitting of External Pollen Filter from VW

The Touran original Vent Housing

Fitting the Pollen Vent housing on the Touran
After about 6 to 12 months, depending on the frequency of fresh air intake, the filter should look like this....

NOTE : Even if the re-circulation switch is switched ON, there will still be fresh air being drawn into the cabin.  This allow some oxygen to be drawn in despite the mode selected for safety purpose ( lack of oxygen may cause drowsiness on long drive ). Nevertheless, it is better to switch off the re-circulation switch during long drives as it would ensure that the cabin is properly ventilated.

Filtered air from outside depending on usage. 

Now, we can reduce the chances of invading roaches coming into the vehicle......

Our common unwanted guest inside the car somewhere.....lurking ! 

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