Sunday, 21 September 2014

How They Got In ? An Opened Door !

The common mini cockroach in our cars

How do they come into the car ? Unfortunately, it is usually via an opened door that let them in . 

Right Exhaust Vent of a Scirocco ( Left Side Rear Bumper - properly closed ) 

Problem with most vehicles here when rear parking sensors are fitted locally.  The contractor takes a short cut and run the cables thru the vent instead of using a grommet opening.  Here, the vents stays open like an opened door. 
The Rear Parking Sensor cables leading out of the Left Side Vent Gate
Deformed Flap Gate

An Opened Door to the interior of your car ! 

Wonder if Volkswagen Cars Singapore is aware of this problem on the cars because of the local Parking Sensors installation ? 

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