Wednesday, 24 September 2014

When To Change Tires ?

My set of 235/40R18 PSS3 Michelins were install in Sept 2011 some 3 years and after some 50,000km, it have hardened and cracked somewhat. The production date was Oct 2010. 

Handling and traction was not as good as it was before.....and the noise is starting to build up.  

After the change, the whole car was transformed. Plus the new B6 Bilstein set up.....very very nice ! 

Cracking of the rubber surfaces is obvious
Wear Indicator almost reaching limit

Brand new soft nice smelling rubbers ! Deep Threads !

Got my sets from Autokinetics which did the wheel alignment for me following my Bilstein B6 fitting. The team at AK is really friendly.....and they provide life time tire patch repair for puncture and 10K km rotation plus Nitrogen gas filling ! 

Feb 2014 Manufactured PSS3 from Spain !
B6 Bilsteins Front 

B6 Bilsteins Rear 
Stock Ride Height....Firm but Comfortable !
Not Mushy as the original SACHS

( PS : Don't call the number ....this Babe is not for Sale or Rent ! )

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