Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Original Volkswagen HELIX Digital Sound Processor : Plug and Play

A favorite customer wanted this fitted on his Beetle.....the spare wheel is deleted because the location is taken over by the woofer ! A risk if travelling up North. Customer will be getting an air pump and repair kit for his travelling needs. Locally, just call your friendly AA man ! 

Process is simple.  It is not actually a plug and play system as you need special tools to get to the various pins and connectors to reassign or reposition them.  After all is done, we need to program the DSP unit to work for a specific car as they may be the same but they are also totally different.  Special vehicle have different speaker location, size and cabin space. 

Total cost : S$1,000 ( indent basis ) 

Everything removed from the trunk to facilitate the install....

The backside of the woofer 

Front Side with all the bell and whistle shine ! 

Encoding the HELIX DSP is a must ! Done here with the Programming Dongle 

After programming, the Woofer is fitted properly ! 

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