Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sharan Dual Seat Conversion

The Sharan have always been equipped with the 7 seats version here in Singapore and Malaysia.  

A customer have requested that his 7 seats version be converted to a 6 seats version which involves reducing the 2nd roll seats from 3 to 2 seats.  The rather cramp sitting position of the 3 occupants is a concern.  The two side occupants are unable to fully extend their legs for comfort. 

This conversion is quite tedious as many parts are involved. Firstly, the entire floor carpet and insulation material underneath must be replaced. Conversion of the 2 remaining seats are required to fit the arm rest. 

All the material needed for the conversion.

Everything is removed to the bare metal

Central console and all....left the DSG shifter as there is a risk of damage

There are additional mounting holes for the 2 seat setup. They are covered up with tape.

The mounting holes all tapped and ready to be used. 

Install the new floor insulation material.

Fitting in the underfloor stowage compartment.

Then came the complex seat installation of the arm rest ! Not actually easy to remove the leather and fitting the arm rest just like that as we are not experienced upholsterer

The seats are heavy ! 

The Side Airbag needs to be handled carefully 

Adding in the mounting brackets

A bracket for each side. 

Brackets are secured with mounting bolts

Cabin space is greatly improved.  No more cramped feeling for the 2nd roll

The arm rest gives much needed comfort to the 2nd roll occupants.

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