Saturday, 24 January 2015

Golf 6 R : More Stowage Space Needed

Con bought this 2010 Golf R from a buddy here in Singapore.  Found that the stowage space in the Golf 6 is very limited.  

I suggested that the MDI should be transferred to the front rather than to be in the arm rest area.  We went ahead with the modification.  Got all the parts from VW Singapore within two weeks.

A new air duct is needed for the retrofit.  Complete removal of the central console is also necessary to facilitate the removal of the wiring harness for the re-positioning of the MDI to the glove box area. The Auxiliary Plug In is also re-positioned into the stowage console inside.  We needed to extend the wires for the Aux-In connector since we are shifting the MDI harness to the front.

End of day, Con also added the front ash tray conversion to add to the stowage space in front.

A big waste of precious stowage space

Removal of the console starts from the front all the way to the rear ! 

A tedious job taking about 2 hours

The removed items.  The air duct needs to be replaced for the new console.

A converted arm rest console....a happy customer ! 

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  1. Hi Jimmy. Thanks for the outstanding work on my car. The workmanship and professionalism is no 1! Your knowledge of VW is also excellent. Would recommend Jimmy to anyone who needs work done on their VW to factory standard. Thanks Jimmy. Con