Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Adaptive Cruise Control with City Emergency Brake on Passat B6

The road to the Adaptive Cruise Control for the Passat is long and tiring !  Firstly, we need to upgrade the ABS module that would support the ACC function.  This is a must for all Passat not originally fitted with the ACC as there are different part numbers supporting this function. 

Because we changed the ABS module, the old 3C8 electric parking brake module on my Passat B6 does not properly work anymore as there is an incompatibility issue between the two. So we need to replace that as well (applies to B6 Passat only).

The original 3C0# ABS before removal

The new 3AD# after installation.

3C0 vs 3AD ( notice the connector have changed from the front to the side. 

The entire central console must be removed to get to the Electric Brake Module
Hell of a lot of work to do just to change the module

3AA vs 3C8

After the install, all the whole electronics for ABS, Engine, Electric Park, Immo etc was in a huge mess ! Coding the new 3AD ABS unit was not possible with the VCDS as it is too new and ROSSTECH did not have any information or guides for the basic resetting and adaptation of the module though we are unable to code the module using the coding function. Luckily we have the latest ODIS tool from VW to help us do the job.  

After the replacement of the Electric Parking module, the system was in error and the brakes applied locked.  We were not able to move the vehicle out of the parking lot.  With the VCDS, we tried various coding to match the compatibility of the new Passat B7 module with this B6 chassis.  We did not change the central console switches ( this very reason why the ABS project was dropped the first time we tried ) . 

With the combined easy to use VCDS and the essential ODIS, working on the newer Volkswagen have never been easier. 

Eventually, after several hours, we managed to pair the new modules to the car ! Everything works perfectly and now we move on to the Adaptive Cruise Control retrofit.

First step, we need to replace the Volkswagen emblem shield on the radiator.  A special part number is required.  We adopted the shield that is provided into the B6 emblem.  

Removed the B6 VW emblem

The supplied ACC Shield does not fit the B6 Passat.

Cut out the old VW and adapted the supplied emblem

The shield is slightly smaller that the actual emblem of the B6 but we made it fit 

Removed the radiator grille assembly to show the mounting position of the ACC Radar

Add the Radar Sensor and connect to the system
Installed the ACC type switch assembly

The ACC Icon is permanently on display

Coding of the various components such as ECU, ABS, Steering, Steer Assist, Distance Regulator,etc is required.  A complex process....which took a long and tiring route. 

The ACC seems to be permanently on standby.....once engine started,
the green icon on the right appears 

On the MFD, there is an option to switch off the ACC or Front Assist as shown here. 

When the road ahead is clear, the whole illustration shows a clear path. 

New function under the Settings on the MFD 

Both are different functions....Front Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control

Options under Front Assist
ACC works like the normal CC function but in conjunction with Front Assist

Options under ACC

Option to choose between Comfort/Normal/Sports ( Like DCC ? ) 

When ACC is Deactivated !

The new ACC emblem on the radiator grille

My experiencing the Front Assist ! Scary ! 

Adaptive Cruise Control

Front Assist from Volkswagen

Adaptive Cruise Control

Emergency City Brake 

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