Sunday, 8 February 2015

Dynaudio Switching : Unethical Workshop Practice

Unethical Workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Ipoh

A customer who had his Dynaudio retrofitted by us several years ago, sent his Passat to this shop in Kuala Lumpur along Jalan Ipoh. This shop provides a group buy for sound proofing of the chassis frames.
While doing the sound proofing, they said that speakers polarity was wrong. Suggested that they could fix it. He believed them as they seem to be experts in this field, He authorised the work leaving his vehicle there for half a day while he went back to the office.

Several days later, he noticed that the Dynaudio speakers sounded strange. We visited this customer to check what is wrong. We found that three speakers were open circuit as such, no sound is coming out from these speakers. He reveal his visit to this shop in Jalan Ipoh and what they did for him.  We assured him that wrong polarity of the speakers was not possible as we have checked the system and everything was working okay for years.

Using the VCDS tool, we found that 3 speakers are open circuit.  It is possible that when the wires are reversed, the speakers would be damaged in certain conditions. We believe that switching the wires may have damaged the speakers.

Due to the possible change in the wiring, we do not suggest trying to fit new speakers over faulty circuit.  It would be more cost effective to change the entire system rather then to change 3 speakers and risk further damage.  He decided to replace the entire system new.  Today we installed a complete system in KL. The whole Dynaudio harness included.

Surprisingly we found three speakers with the typical breaker yard "labelling" written on the side. One was even cracked and glued back. These were definitely NOT the Dynaudio speakers that we had installed for him back then. 

3 speakers had the "Passat 3C" labels written on the sides.
Coincidentally, we have 3 none working speakers with open circuits. 

One even have a cracked housing which was glued back with silicon sealant

It appears that the shop MAY have switched the speakers for him. He have not sent his car to any workshop since the last visit to this Jalan Ipoh shop. 

He have asked me not to disclose the shop name as he was afraid of any reprisal from them.  He is such a kind soul.  As part of my inputs, this shop uses the Malaysian capital as part of the shop title, is located along Jalan Ipoh, specialize in audio equipment and also auto foaming thing that supposedly strengthen the body/insulate noise. 

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