Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sharan Rear Aircon Control Panel : 2nd Roll Passenger

Dynamic Chassis Control Retrofitting SHARAN

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A Malaysian Sharan owner wanted this retrofitted on his Sharan as he is tired of controlling the air conditioning requirement for the rear seat passenger.  Apart from distracting him from his driving, controlling the air conditioning requirement is also difficult to meet.  Either is too cold or it is too warm or too loud the fan or something else. 

We retrofitting this original panel from the Premium Edition Sharan.  With this panel, all the controls can be done via the 2nd roll seats.  The driver still have an over riding option.  Now, the 3rd roll occupants can bother the 2nd roll occupants to control the air conditioning requirement for them instead of disturbing the driver. 

Please note that this panel is only suitable for the vehicle with a separate air conditioning HVAC unit which only the Sharan is equipped with. Cannot be used on any other models.

New trim with aircon panel vs original trim with 12V cig adapter.
Inevitable to delete the 12 volts plug. 
Temperature, fan speed and wind direction controls
Night view ! Looks good. 

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