Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Jetta Mk6 Dynamic Chassis Control

20 May 2015 : DCC on Volkswagen Jetta Mk6 

What Anthony said :

AnthonyTan - salvotwo23 May 2015 at 09:27

"The 1st Jetta6 with DCC in Singapore!

Thanks Jimmy SiFu for this work which is normally believed not achievable!
The ride is simply like, borrowing the term from a fellow VW Bro, on a 'magic carpet'! Alladin would be jealous because his is just a carpet, mine is Jetta6 with DCC!

The DCC 'cancels' or diminishes road irregularities beautifully and ensures the car and its wheels stay planted on the road in straights and cornerings with significantly reduced bounce and 'scary' feeling of rolls respectively. Toggling the Normal and Sports mode gives the DCC different parameters of behavior though the Sports is more apt for high speed straights and cornerings, giving the steering a firmer hold as well.

It's a worthwhile investment vs what you'll pay separately for aftermarket sway bar, chassis enhancements, strut bars etc. I think you get the picture!

I am now contemplating upping the rims to 17 or 18 inch and am sure the DCC will continue to work its magic for ride comfort "

What my other customers said is HERE 

A video to explain the DCC concept from SEAT ...... same family 

We completed our first and only Jetta Mark 6 with the original Volkswagen Dynamic Chassis Control !  

Custom made harness for the Jetta Mk6 

Locating the DCC Controller in the boot 

Left ACC Sensor 

Right ACC Sensor

Front Left Sensor Left 

Rear Level Sensor

Front Right Shock Absorber DCC

Control Button on front console

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