Friday, 5 June 2015

Electric Blind for Passat B7

Retrofitting the Passat B7 

The Passat B7 do not have the electric blind curtain as standard.  This is something I like to have since owning the first B6 ! Nice to keep the rear passenger from the heat of the sun and also cut the glare during a hot sunny afternoon ! 

Best of all, we can also use it at night ! Yes, at night ! When the idiots have those HID mods, we can give them a message ! Block out the glare ! 

A core set of blinds from Volkswagen would cost around Euro 600 !  I got these for Euro 300 ! Not a bad deal. They were removed from a scrap 2011 Passat.

The new central console switch with RoRo,Comfort/Sports, TPMS2 set....
Shady shady drive ! No glare No Blazing Sun ! 

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