Friday, 24 July 2015

Jetta Mark 6 Original Xenon DRL LED Headlights Retrofit

Original Volkswagen AFS Xenon Headlights Retrofit on Jetta Mark 6

Have been fitting many Chinese/Taiwanese DRL LED headlights on the Jetta Mark 6 . This is my first project involving the original headlights from Volkswagen for the Jetta Mark VI 6 model. 

They are shipped from the Germany VW dealer ! The headlights are very simply packed with liquid foam. 

Original packaging from Volkwagen......not OEM or Vendor supplied

Because these are original headlights, the fit and finishing is simply 100% ! The amount of effort to fit and adjust the lights fitting is very minimal. Unlike the Chinese replicas which quality is very questionable, these originals simply are the best.  If I had a Jetta 6, they will be these lights or none at all ! 

Fit is incredibly good ! 

Only these lights from factory can fit so well  ! 

Completed ! 100% ! 

Because they are originals.....they have the Adaptive Forward-lighting System aka Bend Lights or Curve Lights, Auto Leveling according to the load on the vehicle ( no need to adjust the 1 to 3 settings on the normal halogen lights ), Cornering Light, Bi-Xenon, DRL LED, Travel Mode and Auto Check procedure during start ups ! 


Main Beam / High Beam ( Bi-Xenon )

Cornering Light 

Various functions of the original VW Xenon AFS headlights

Xenon Lights are bright ! Very bright ! 

Travel Mode.....light are thrown lower and more to left side

During Bent Light or Cornering Light operation, the lights are also turned into the respective direction of the steering wheel direction depending on the vehicle speed. This operation assist in providing more lighted vision in the path of intended travel. 

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