Sunday, 19 July 2015

Lane Change Side Assist

June 2015 : Lane Change Side Assist : Passat B7 

Retrofitting the Lane Change Side Assist involves fitting the the radar sensors on the rear bumpers and connecting the control modules to the Gateway and lead the signal to the Wing Mirrors. 

Sounds simple ? Well...don't get fooled.  The work involved is tedious.  

Removing the rear bumper to fit the two rear sensors is simple.  On the B7 Passat, there is provision for the brackets to be fitted . Other models, would need to have the mounting screws retrofitted.

Running the wire harness to the wing mirror is the killer ! Need remove front dash trim to run the harness and also A-Pillar trims to get access to the door connectors. Running the two pins to the pillar connector. 

Next, we have to dismantle the whole mirror completely.  The top cover needs to be replaced with a special Side Assist model. Respraying is necessary. The original covers is not used.  It is a requirement to replace the top cover in order to install the Side Assist LED indicator.  

The harness needs to run from the mirror LED indicator through the mirror assembly and down the door harness. 

Then we need to remove the door get access to the harness inside the door. It is a major job ....drilling out the speakers, removing the harness connector, stripping the original insulation, adapters, securing clips, etc. 

Finally, we got the system up and running.  The warning SIDE ASSIST indicator would only appear at speed above 40 kph.  When signaling left or right, the wing mirror warning indicator would flash when there is an approaching vehicle from behind in the "BLIND SPOT" . 

Yes, it is possible to retrofit this on all models but the instrument cluster must be COLOUR.

Important Note : The Lane Change / Side Assist function is meant only to assist the driver to be more aware of the presence of other vehicles behind him and provides a visual indication/warning. Driver's alertness is crucial  ! 

New wing mirror covers for Lane Change option ( primed surface )

Resprayed covers with the indicator LED lamps

LED Lamp fitted on the cover

Inside view of new cover

Harness kit

Modified wing mirror assembly

Left Master controller for Side Assist Lane Change

Right side : Slave Module Side Assist Module

Removing the Wing Mirrors  

Connecting A-Pillar plug connector

The Door Connector and inserting the pins 
LED Indicator retrofitted ( new top cover ) 

Option to select the SIDE ASSIST function via MFD.  The icon appears at speed above 40kph

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