Friday, 4 September 2015

Getting the Hang of Things

Boot Hooks : Fashion Goes Round

The hanging hooks found on the Volkswagen sedan car boot, are very useful ! I cannot live without them.   

The retractable hooks were first found on the Passat B6 and then the Jetta Mark 6 ....then they dropped the retractable hook for a fixed type on the B7 Passat. These hooks fixed hooks were terrible ! Cannot seem to give a proper hanging effect of your groceries.   

Fixed hanger hooks on the B7 Passat with Rear Seat Release Handle
The hooks are not very effective in my opinion......I don't like them.
Then on the B8 Passat, they came back with the same retractable hooks from the B7.  A separate release handle for the rear seats is provided. I think the B7 Passat handles are neater.....

Seat Release Handle on the Passat B8

Back to the original retractable hanger hooks on the B8 Passat. Two hooks are provided. 

I am used to the old retractable hooks from the B6 and need to add them to my B7 Passat.  So, now I have multiple hooks...fixed and retractable.  

View from below : Mask the area and draw out the screw position ! Drill, tap and install !

The finish retractable Hook Hanger !

Installed the retractable hook just behind the original fixed handle
Well hidden except for the pulling strap 

Here, we hang something to show it coming down !
Now I have effective 4 hooks on each side.....a total of 8 hooks in the trunk/boot ! 

Installation on vehicles not original provided with or have provision for the retrofitting of the retractable hooks, we would need to drill two suitable holes, tap them with 5mm diameter screw taps and used the kit torx screws to hold them onto the ceiling of the boot or trunk. 

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