Wednesday, 30 September 2015

DCC on Golf Mark 5

Retrofitting Golf Mark 5 GTI with Dynamic Chassis Control

The DCC was first introduced on the Golf platform from the Golf 6 version.  In Singapore, all the GTI model came with the DCC installed originally from factory. It is an option for the other Golf 6 model to have the DCC installed. 

Having experienced the incredible versatility of the DCC on the Passat and the test drive on the Golf 6 GTI, I definitely want it on my 2009 Golf GTI Mark 5.

On the Golf 6, the controller is mounted on the right rear corner. Here is a picture of the DCC controller mounted on a Golf 6 GTI 

Original position of the DCC controller on Golf 6 

Golf 5 GTI is suitable for DCC install

Golf 5 is prepared at factory for the DCC mounting

Using the original bracket from Golf 6

DCC controller installed

This original boot trim on the right needs to be replaced
as the storage compartment is blocking the controller
Replaced the side trim from a Golf 6 ! It fitted 100% !

Peeking behind the trim, the DCC controller is cushioned against a large sponge padding ! 

Custom made harness for the Golf 5 GTI 
Front DCC Shock Absorber

Rear DCC Absorber

Front ACC Sensor mounted on top of the absorber

DCC Control Switch ( replaced the TPMS switch )
Normal Mode selected

Comfort Mode selected

Sport Mode selected
NORMAL mode ( not light up )

SPORT mode selected

My favorite ....COMFORT mode 

For a detailed explanation on the Dynamic Chassis Control from VW, visit this link

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