Thursday, 15 October 2015

MDI Installed Professionally

Chanced upon a customer Tiguan R glove box and found it to be a total mess !

A customer lived with this arrangement for months ! 

His vehicle's Media Device Interface was installed by a moonlighting person stealing office time for the job to be done. 

The customer was told that this is the only way the MDI can be installed on the Tiguan as this is not originally designed for the vehicle. 

We put our services to work and got it installed properly for him.  He cannot not be happier after the job was done.  Everything fitted properly, neat and tidy ! In his own words ..." Like it is better than factory install...

The CBX special treatment ! 

We added the proper original Volkswagen adapter and harness and got it neatly neatly fitted in place. 

Actual write up and more details can be found following this link : 

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