Thursday, 3 December 2015

Bluetooth Solution : Low Version

Bluetooth Phone Golf 7 : Colour Media

The LOW Edition Telephone Blue for Volkswagen Golf Mark 7 ( VII ) edition would enable user to make and receive mobile telephone calls.

Speech volume controlled via Volume Button on left 

The control module is mounted behind the radio unit, the microphone is mounted on the original roof control panel.

A phone cradle is recommended to hold the mobile phone in view of the user as display of calls is not possible on the radio panel or MFD ( DIS/FIS ) .  All call information is via user's phone only.

Calls are made via voice dial function using the original microphone and car speaker system. This is done by pressing the multi-function steering wheel "OK" button or the "OK/Set" button on the left side steering stalk.  The same function would accept incoming calls.

OK/Reset button on left steering stalk

Installation takes about 60 mins.  Requires removal of the front paneling, roof light panel and radio.  All wires are hidden. 

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