Friday, 4 December 2015

DCC on Tiguan 2012

Another Tiguan with DCC Retrofitted

4 Dec 2015 : Yet another owner have come forward to do something about the ride quality of his Tiguan.  Have recently upgraded to the Bilstein B6 Sport Suspension but he found it too harsh for his liking not withstanding the fact the the handling of the vehicle did improve over the original system. 

He have experienced the DCC on another owner's Tiguan and decided to take the plunge for the investment. All the required parts for the Tiguan was ordered directly from Volkswagen Germany. The special harness was prepared within 2 days. 

The Tiguan spent a day at CBX Underground Workshop to have the wiring all wired up. The day after, it was down to HAT to have the experts install the system.  The whole system was up and running in about 5 hours. 

A test drive followed.  A lost of words as the owner is totally amazed by the new drive feel. 

A happy Tiguan owner who would surely enjoy the new found drive comfort and handling. Congrats !

What the Customer Says : 

Andy9 December 2015 at 21:17

Had DCC installed by Jimmy last week and the ride has been very very comfortable since. Was on Bilstein B6 for a little more than a month and found it very harsh and decided to take the plunge.

No regrets going for DCC. The work by Jimmy was top notch and immaculate, wiring was done within a day and couple of days later, the new absorbers were installed and improvement was immediately felt.
Thank you Jimmy for this wonderful mod!

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