Friday, 1 January 2016

Dual Auto Dimming Chromatic Wing Mirrors

Retrofit Left Side Wing Mirror with Auto Dimming Chromatic Function

Most Volkswagen vehicle are equipped with the auto dimming interior rear view mirror. This has a front and rear light sensor which measures the light from both direction and dim or rather darken the mirror glass so as to cut out the glare from the lights behind. 

Darken glass with Green LED indicator

The auto dimming function can be switched off by pressing a button beneath the mirror assembly. The green LED indicator would switch off and the auto dimming function would cease. 

For the higher spec Volkswagen model, there is an added function of the driver side wing mirror also being equipped with this function. This wing mirror glass also known as Chromatic Glass is linked to the interior rear view mirror function. The wing mirror glass would also darken in coordination with the interior rear view mirror.  This effectively cut off the glare from the passing vehicles and vehicles behind. 

Dimming function switched off. 

Dimming switched on. Glare is drastically reduced ! 

Due to the high cost of these mirrors, only higher end models are equipped with this function.  The mirror glass cost 3 times the normal plain mirror glass. 

Even on the current high end models, the left side passenger mirror glass is not equipped with this feature.  It is not even available as an option for ordering.  Volkswagen have deleted this feature probably due to cost.  On earlier 2005 Golf Mk5 GTI, it was available. 

To enhance the Executive Passat, we retrofitted the left side mirror glass with this feature. The process is tedious as we need to run a communication cable from the interior rear view mirror module through the door pillar connector into the door controller and connect to the mirror glass. A new special mirror glass with the chromatic feature needs to be used as well a special connector. 

Connecting the rear view mirror and left side wing mirror/module

Job completed via CBX quality workmanship ! 
Viola, now both wing mirror would dim when there is glare coming from behind. 

With auto dimming switched off

With Auto Dimming 
Yes, it is possible to have this function both left and right wing mirror glass retrofitted on Volkswagen cars not originally fitted with them.  However, the labour, work and cost would not be palatable to many. 

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