Sunday, 27 December 2015

Auto Electric Folding Mirrors on Golf 7 Sportswagen

Volkswagen Singapore made a major screw up on the new Sportswagen Highline.  

Imagine if you have purchased the latest Sportswagen and want the best trim options by opting for the Highline model. 

Guess what ? You will be left with a none electric folding mirror. This is despite that the brochure says otherwise.

One poor sales person in the team made a mistake by forgetting to inform the buyer that the Highline model do not have the folding mirrors. 

The Admin office made a mistake in the ordering procedure of the new cars. Now they have hundreds of these models which are not equipped with the auto folding mirrors. Ironically, their sales brochures already printed and indicate that the Highline model are fully equipped including the auto folding mirrors.   The lower end model, COMFORT, comes with the auto folding mirror because the same mistake was not made when ordering them. 

The customer complained when he received the vehicle without the mirrors. As typical of customer's right, he threatened to sue Volkswagen. The Volkswagen sales manager told the sales person to settle the issue without the company's assistance since they have already been informed prior.  He said that if the customer sues Volkswagen, they will in turn sue the sales person. Can you believe this ? WTF ! 

The Aftersales Service department can only offer their folded arms as usual and said "NO!" . It is not possible to do since it was not installed at factory. They technically, cannot, will not and should not be involved.  

In the true Volkswagen spirit of Esprit De Corps, we handle the issue for the sales person. It is similar to the Passat wing mirror but slightly more complicated. We have to struggle to help instead of saying it is not possible. 

We order the top end model wing mirror from our supplier in Germany. After arrival, we need to stripe the assembly apart so that we can respray the primed surface to the body colour of the car. Highline model have their entire wing mirrors colour coded to the body colour whereas Comfort model are black.

After the retrofitting the mirrors and coding (which was the most difficult ), we have a satisfied customer and a poorer sales person at Volkswagen ( paid by the person ). 

The control switch also need to be replaced.

Folded via the control switch 
  Auto Fold via Remote

So much for Team Work / Team Spirit at Volkswagen.  I would not want to work for such a Manager. 

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