Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Golf 7 Fog Light Retrofitting

My first Golf 7 front fog light retrofit on a 2014 Trend version which is basic of the basics ! 

Unlike the other models, fitting fog lights on the Golf 7 is not an easy task anymore. The entire bumper must be removed to fit the various adapters. The foggies are fitted from behind the bumper. 

Front fog light

Rear end

The Light Switch.....but cannot be used. 

Adapter bracket for the fog lights. 

Bumper removed to facilitate the fog lights install

Two retaining brackets on the original set up.

Removed main retaining bracket.

With the fog light window ready

Fog Light adapter trim adapter fitted

Left Fog Light fitted

Right Fog Light fitted

Chrome Trim Garnish must be fitted 

Right Fog

Retrofitted Fog Lights on Trendline Golf 7

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