Saturday, 13 February 2016

Passat Sill Protection Guard

High Quality Stainless Steel Protective Sill Guard

Avoiding damages to the door sills is possible if all occupants are precarious in going in/out of the car. However, it is a strict regimental rule which is hard to apply. 

Major cuts and chips created by the "Boss"

Fine scratches also obvious when observing closely

Have been very careful on my side but the front passenger ( the Boss ) couldn't care less. After 6 months, the sign of damage due to passenger negligence shows up. 

Fitted my favorite British made high gauge stainless steel door sills on my B7 Passat to prevent further damages.  Worth every cent ! 

 Front : Before fitting the sills 

Front : After fitting the sills
Rear : Before 

Rear : After 
High Quality Stainless Steel from the UK 

Perfect fit on Passat B6/B7

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