Sunday, 19 June 2016

Golf Mark 7 VII Door Exit Warning Light Retrofit

Golf Mark VII Retrofitted Door Exit Warning Lights ( 19 June 2016 )

As a standard safety feature, the door exit warning light is a must as far as I am concerned. Apart from light up the door area in dark areas, it also provides some visual warning of approaching vehicles. 

Unfortunately, none of the Golf 7 vehicles are equipped with the door exit warning lights. Even on the top end Golf R models. More interestingly, the MQB platform car is no longer using the old circuit as on the Golf 6, Passat, Touran etc. Tried fitting it using the original circuit but it churned out an error code.

Factory wiring diagrams do not provide any wiring instructions on the required system. We managed to figure out how we can install the lights on the Golf 7. Modification on existing system is require plus coding using VCDS. 

Front Door Door Exit Warning Light

Rear Door Door Warning Lights

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