Saturday, 2 July 2016

Golf 7 Door Sill Protector : High Polish Stainless Steel from UK

Door Sill Protector Scuff Plates for Golf 7 

The standard door plate provided by Volkswagen is pathetic. I would classify it as a nameplate rather than a door sill plate or scuff plate. There is absolutely no function except to remain people that it is a Golf model. No protection whatsoever of the sills or edges. Mine got scratches already following one year of ownership by the previous owner.

Got them removed and was surprised that it is actually an original Volkswagen part under no. 5G0.071.303B

A nameplate pasted at the wrong position ? 

We order these very handsome and high quality sill protectors from a UK supplier. They fitted very nicely and looks absolutely fabulous on the blue finishing ! Guess they stand out better on dark colors.

I chose the "TSi" name plate design. 

The rear is much shorter than the front but looks as good. 

My Golf 7 Project Summary is Here

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