Tuesday, 5 July 2016

External Pollen Filter for Golf 7 VII

Retrofitting the External Charcoal/Pollen Filter on Golf VII 7

The open port net on the external air intake vent is subjective.  Dirt and grim plus insects would get through the gaps.

The original screen housing on the Golf VII 7
Dirt and road grim get pass the screen and end up inside the cabin and
get stuck at the pollen filter inside

It is fortunate that there is a pollen filter built before the evaporator
Fitted an external filter housing with a built in pollen filter to prevent this from happening. The carbon impregnated filter would reduce the smell coming into the car. The filter would also be the first line of defense against all foreign particles. 

The replacement filter housing with the carbon impregnated 

The air quality sensor is fitted as per original position
The rain water deflector is refitted into position to complete the job

Adding to the work, I replaced the old carbon impregnated filter with the latest Volkswagen anti-allergies carbon filter.  This part have only been recently introduced. Cost slight more than the normal carbon filter. 

New Anti-Allergies Carbon Filter vs Normal Carbon Filter

The Choice is obvious

Now, the air smell so much fresher and cleaner with the new set up.  Well worth the money spent to make the occupants healthier and alert ! 

The main summary of my Golf 7 projects are here 

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