Sunday, 3 July 2016

Golf 7 Footwell Lighting

Golf 7 Footwell Lighting Retrofit

The Golf 7 Comfort Line did not come with the footwell lights.  We retrofitted them with the Golf 6 normal incandescent footwell lights and replace the bulbs with LED bulbs.

An aftermarket harness needs to be introduced on the vehicle and connected to the BCM to control the lighting.

Coding of the BCM is required and is more complicated then it was on the earlier models.  With help sought from the earlier pioneers of the Golf 7 since 2013, we managed to get them fitted relatively easily.

Adjustment of the footwell light in ambient mode was done via the MFD on the instrument cluster previously. Now, it is done via the Information Center on the Radio. I am amazed by this....though I am a late come as they have this since 2013.  Something new for me. MQB platform is interesting !

Both the front and rear footwell area are lighted up 100% with doors opened

Ambient mode....lighted up at 30% per my choice

The apertures are provided for on all the cars.

After coding, the Footwell option appeared

My choice at 30% during headlights switched on 
My main Golf 7 project summary is here

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