Sunday, 31 July 2016

Phillips LED Fog Light bulbs H11 on Golf 7

LED Bulbs H11 Fog Light

Replaced the rather dull incandescent H11 bulb on the Golf 7 fog lights ! These bulbs have special LEDs from Phillips. The light intensity is 4000 illuminance. 

Did not consider the HID ( High Intensity Discharge ) bulbs as they are rather glaring as previously experienced. I was concerned that these LED bulbs would be the same but was surprised that the way the bulbs are mounted to reflect properly onto the road rather then all over the place. As such the bulbs are not glaring at all !

After install, I actually have the fogs working as cornering lights.  Never show the fog working as cornering lights as the original incandescent bulbs shown poorly on the road.  Now, the LED literally brightens up the right and left corners during turns.  

The original DRL on the headlights is a mismatch to the White fog lights currently. Next upgrade would resolve this issue. 

The beam thrown is flat and downward without any adjustment
No glare for the other drivers on the road. 

The Fog lights appear blue on the picture but is actually white to our eyes ! 

Light thrown onto the floor
( little or no reflection from the stainless steel railing in front )
With only the fog lights switched on, the entire front floor area is literally flooded with white light ! The corners are so clear now !

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