Saturday, 6 August 2016

Lane Assist on Golf 7 : First in Singapore/Malaysia

6 Aug 2016 : Retrofitting Lane Assist on Golf 7

The benefit of the lane assist in my opinion, is very necessary. It assist in keeping the car in lane when travelling above 70 kph by gently correcting the vehicle direction by electrically turning the steering wheel to aid the driver. 

Fitting the original VW Lane en travelling above Assist on the Golf 7 involves major modification which includes the windscreen, rear view mirror and even the Gateway of the vehicle. 

A special part number for the Lane Assist option windscreen was ordered and installed on the Golf 7 

Special Lane Assist option windscreen

Everything you need...rear mirror, camera, heater and rain sensor 

This is the painful part when the old screen is removed ! Urgghhh ! 
The guys fitting the new screen 
New mirror is needed as the old would not fit on the new position 

The original rain sensor is re-used. 
The new set up with new mirror and housing cover

The hidden Lane Assist camera

The new Lane Assist Windscreen completed

Traffic Sign Assist

As part of the Lane Assist function, the front camera double up as a Traffic Sign Recognition camera. It reads specific road signs and display on the instrument cluster to warn the driver. 

The speed limit of the road is captured by the camera and displayed on the cluster under the Road Sign section

During driving, the speed limit of the road is displayed

Calibrating the Lane Assist Camera A5 R242 

The Lane Assist Camera requires calibration to the car installed.  We use a laser X-Y tool to precisely position the calibration board VAS6430 

Using a X-Y Laser to position the VAS6430 board correctly to the car

Calibration in progress using ODIS Service

After successful calibration. 

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