Friday, 19 August 2016

Discovery Pro Navigation Head Unit Retrofit on Golf 7

Retrofitting Discovery Pro MIB2 on Golf 7 : 19th Aug 2016

Having been looking forward to this project for my Golf 7.  Retrofitting the latest MIB2 Discovery Pro unit is not a easy task. 

It involves replacing the entire glove box console so that the controller unit ( 5F Information Center ) is installed. 

The original housing

The new housing for the Discovery Pro controller module

Removed the glove box housing to expose all the components behind.

A specially fabricated harness extend the connector from the original position to the glove box location. 

Remove the original Composite Colour head unit and vent housing

The new MIB2 Display Unit fits perfectly ! 
After fitting the two main units, the system works okay.  There are some functions and gremlins that needs to be ironed out.

Discovery Pro MIB2 retrofitted

Vehicle Data is displayed per MFD information

The MIB2 App Connect function

The App Connect function does not work for all region. The Android Auto is not supported in our region. Only MirrorLink function is supported for my Samsung Note 4 and our region. However, having some issues with connecting to this currently.

DVD playing but need to install the VIM 

The map is the latest with MCE etc ! 2016

This is my favorite ..... The Blue Trainer ! 

The next is to fit the shark fin which requires a huge gabbing hole to be cut onto the roof in order to fit the original shark fin.

30 Aug 2016 : Video In Motion Enabling

The  DP have protection on the video display. Once vehicle is in motion, the video is disabled. Only audio is allowed. We used a special program to adjust the allowed speed to 255 unattainable speed for this little guy. 

What my customers say ! 

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