Friday, 12 August 2016

Anti Theft Alarm System ATWS on Golf 7

Retrofitting ATWS on Golf 7 Basic 

The Golf 7 is prepared for the ATWS.  All the base version as I know are fitted with only the Anti Theft System minus the Warning system. Presumably this is due to cost concern. 

ATWS Door Lock/Unlock Acoustic Confirmation
with Coming/Leaving Home Light via Fog Light LED 

The standard Anti Theft System comprises of the dead bolt door locks on all the doors/hatch and locking indicator on all doors/hood/hatch. Once the doors are locked, it cannot be opened from the inside.

The Anti Theft Warning System can be incorporated onto the existing factory system by adding the various tilt & intrusion module/siren/switch/harness and programming. 

This would protect the vehicle from any intrusion or being towed away illegally.  

There is not additional controller device needed as the system work with the original Volkswagen door remote controller key. 

Door opening and closing can be audible as desired. This is controlled from the Information Center (Radio Head Unit) 

Additional Feature : The doors can also be programmed to be automatically armed when all the doors are closed. This would render vehicle protection in the event the driver forgets to lock the vehicle when leaving it. If the doors are opened again, the siren would sound off unless the ignition key is inserted into the ignition lock cylinder.  

ATWS Acoutic Confirmation can be controlled via the Radio 

The new VW Golf 7 Siren is installed behind the bulkhead. 

Tilt/Intrusion Module 

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