Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Golf 7 Window Trim Enhancement

High Polish Stainless Trim Enhancement : Golf 7 : 17 January 2017

The original black rubber window frame on the Golf 7 is dull. The Passat B7 windows are endowed with the stainless trim from factory. 

Found these stick on stainless trims which are perfect for the Golf 7 windows. They are Made In China products which came highly recommended from a friend. The fit and finish is very good. Well....who said that China products are always bad ? 

The sticker tape provided is from 3M ( maybe real maybe next door neighbor 3N ) .  After several days, they seem to be holding. Very firmly attached. 

Now the Golf looks more executive ! Done away
with the black black look. The chrome finish is pleasing to my eyes

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