Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Golf 7 Rear Hatch Grommet Replacement

Grommet Replacement Golf 7

The rear hatch on all Volkswagen cars are electrically fed with wires running from the main body thru' a rubber grommet which isolate against the elements....water, dust, dirt etc. 

The grommet can easily be damaged when removal is not done properly or done in the hands of workshop idiots. 

Here we have a case of the grommet connectors removed for the rear view camera installation. 

Repair attempts but sealant would not normally work on such connectors

The owner only realised that the grommet was faulty when it was raining inside the car after the rear view camera was installed.  Workshop has claimed that it was already damaged when they were working on the camera.....as usual. 

Replacement is complex as all the wires running through the grommet are usually not coloured. We have to mark all the wires individually. The pins inside the connector is also a pain to remove without the proper tools ( leave that to a typical workshop and you will have further damages to the wire connections

Disconnecting the main hatch connector

Wire harness removed for grommet removal

After all necessary hardware removal, the wire harness is slide out of the grommet and the new grommet reinserted. 

Connectors removed and prepared for reinsertion.

New grommet installed. Now to reconnect the female connectors and pins

It took about 2 plus hours to have the whole work done. So beware where you send your car to for installation involving the rear hatch. It could be a painful experience. 

Job Done ! 

Special effort is needed when removing the connector from the body as they are easily damaged. 

The plastic catch on the left was damaged during earlier removal attempt.

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