Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Touran Dynamic Chassis Control

Touran DCC Upgrade : 7 March 2017

This Touran customer have driven his 2012 Touran for 5 years plus and the suspension have given up. 

He tested a Tiguan with a CBX edition DCCand was sold to the idea of a comfortable ride instead of the regular or aftermarket sports/coilover kit. 

Retrofitting the Touran is more difficult compared to the rest of the models because of the 3rd roll seats. They block the rear trims which must be removed for the retrofit. 

The NH boys at work !

Removing the 3rd row seats

Access to the rear side trims is possible now

With the trims removed...the fenders and C-pillars are more visible

Custom harness on the left and original fender harnesses on right

Positioning the DCC Controller 

Adding the custom harness

Right Rear DCC Shock

Left Rear DCC Shock

Front Right DCC Shocks

Front Left DCC Shocks

Front Right Level Sensor...

New Control Switch Assembly with the C/S control 

Toggling between Comfort, Normal & Sports

The preferred Option ! Sports ! 
The customer is totally overwhelmed by the new DCC set up. His first expression after the virgin first drive....." The family gonna love this !

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