Friday, 10 February 2017

Golf 6 Cabriolet Dynaudio Upgrade

Dynaudio Upgrade Golf 6 VI Cabriolet

We upgraded the sound system of this 2014 Cabriolet with the original Dynaudio sound system. The Dynaudio for the Cabriolet is special from the normal Golf 6 which had a 8 speaker system.  The Cabrio Sound System consist of a 9 speaker system including a sub-woofer.

Dynaudio Speakers for the front doors
Dynaudio Insignia Door Tweeters

The Rear Passenger panel have the speakers concealed.
They are held by screws and easily removed.

The Tweeter/Base speakers are incorporated as a dual speaker. 
The Rear Dual Speaker

Sound as power as they look !
This is where the Sub-Woofer is suppose to be located

Just below the rear right speaker ! 

It hides the rear window regulator system. 
A new adapter cover cum speaker holder is required.

The rear is exposed to the inside of the rear panel area.
After fitting the sub-woofer.

The special Golf Cabriolet amplifier 

Fitted under the front passenger seat

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