Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Active Information Display Retrofitted on Golf 7

Active Info Display Instrument Cluster on Golf 7

Have always been fascinated by the Active Information Display on the Passat B8 when it was first introduced in 2016. 

I got to get one of this but cannot afford to buy the new Passat Exclusive B8 2.0 ! 

When the new Golf 7.5 was shown, it have the Active Info Display cluster ! 

This is absolutely good news ! I got my hands on a set from VW Germany including the original trim cover which is a must. 

Original Analogue Cluster

Active Info Display Cluster 

Installing the new AID cluster !
Before enabling Production Mode ( 2 km odometer reading )

Complete installation after input of original odometer reading.

Change to Blue Variant : Classic Theme

Other configuration of the AID themes....

The standard version 1

The higher theme for Golf 1.5 ?

The GTI theme at 280 kph

This theme is for the Golf R at 320 kph max ! 

Everytime, the AID greets you and say goodbye ! 

End of each journey message

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