Thursday, 4 May 2017

Dynamic Chassis Control DCC on Golf 7 MQB

DCC on Golf 7 MQB ( Dynamic Chassis Control ) - March 2017

Yes, I am an addict to the DCC on Volkswagen cars. 

Embarked on this unknown journey on the new MQB chassis Golf 7. Unknown because VW have controlled many features with component protection, online coding/activation and VSM(vehicle software management) for what I am aware of. 

Ordered all the parts from Germany including harness for the wheel arches. 

Custom made harness is required to connect the system to the vehicle. 

Remove the Rear Left trim panel

Fitted the holding bracket for the controller

Mounting controller with harness 

Rear DCC shocks installed with new wheel arches harness

New wheel arch harness leads from underneath the rear seat bench

Front DCC Shock absorber installed with new arches harness

Discarded original  wheel arch harness and excess wires cut off.

Something new is the rear Accelerator Sensor mounting. It is inside the vehicle instead of the usual rear shock absorber position. 

New as well is the front accelerator sensor. 

Control of the DCC mode is no longer via a simple push button on the central console but via the Drive Mode selection on the Head Unit. In my Golf 7, we have the Discovery Pro unit and upgraded with the Golf R drive mode features. 

The usual ECO/Comfort/Normal/Sports/Individual have been upgraded to the Golf R functions where a RACE mode now replaces the Sports mode.

The Individual mode allows driver to change the various settings whereas the rest are fixed. 

The previous display of the Comfort/Normal/Sport function on the cluster also follows the HU change. 

Must admit that this mod is not for the average Golf 7 owner. Simply too expensive and complex to do but it can be done. 

Guess I would be the only in Asia with a 1.4 TSi DCC equipped Golf 7.

The ride in Comfort mode is absolutely incredibly comfortable. Driving the Golf seems like floating on a soft magic carpet as all the unevenness/pot holes get filtered out. In Normal and Race is stunning and improves the handling of the car though my rear end does not seem to like it alot. Guess I need to adjust to the DCC on the MQB Golf 7 seems different from that on the Passat B7.

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