Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Polo Sports Select : Dynamic Chassis Control on 6C Polo

Sports Select on 6C Polo Retrofit

A customer wanted his 6C 2015 Polo to be retrofitted with the Dynamic Chassis Control after checking out what the DCC does for the other Volkswagen models. 

The DCC on the Polo is not exactly the same as the other models. There are only two selection available for selection on the fly. These are Sports or Comfort modes. There are no acceleration sensors or level sensors. The driver decides on the two modes by depressing the "Sports" on the central dashboard panel. 

There were several variants for the electronic suspension aka Sports Select aka Drive Select aka DCC. Ranging from the basic twist beam (torsion bar) version to the top of the line GTI design. The suspension parts/springs/controller are different.

We ordered all the required parts for the normal multi link suspension version. The original springs on the vehicle is maintained as such vehicle height is not affected. 

The Sports button is designated to be on the 2nd button from the right
The card slot tray may have to make way

Actual position for the control button is the 2nd button on the card slot
but owner wanted to retain the card holder is possible.
So we used the 2nd button on the left side. Not actually a perfect fit but it saved the card holder slot. 

Assembled Rear Shock Absorber with protective cap 

The connector plug needs to be replaced together with the shocks during renewal

The electrical connector is secured on the top of the shock absorber

The front shock is special and require a special plug and securing nut.
After installation completion, the DCC appears on the vehicle scan and there were no error codes. However, the control of the DCC is not possible as the Sport button does not response to triggering.  We believe that this have something to do with software programming.  Coding is done on the Gateway, Body Control Module, Instrument and ABS. Now, the car running on Comfort mode only since we are not able to trigger the Sport mode. 

Need help to find a factory installed Sports Select 6C Polo or Seat Cupra. 

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