Saturday, 28 October 2017

Lowering Springs ; Aftermarket or Originals

Fitting Lowering Springs on the Golf 7 VII  : 25 Oct 2017

The Golf 7 is sitting rather high for a reason. Lots of travel and comfort comes with long tall springs but looks suffer and so does handling to a certain degree. 

I ventured into the world of lowering springs to achieve a better look and improved handling without too much compromise in the comfort department. 

What should I use ? There are numerous suppliers and vendors out there chanting that theirs is the best in handling, comfort and looks.  Notice that they usually have one or two part numbers to fit a variety of models. So much so, I think it would be a better bet to go along with Volkswagen engineering department which have spent extended effort to determine the best setup possible for their cars. The part numbers recommendation are confusing and there are too many part numbers to select from. 

Choosing the wrong set up or part number, you would end up with issues such as difficult handling, wrong stances, too low, too hight etc. This is an example of the complex setup

Actually, there is only one number applicable to a specific vehicle and this is tied to the vehicle's front and rear axle weight. So after a tedious study and research, I ordered a set of VW lowering springs.
I chose 5G4 071 677 B = MUB 071 675 + MUB 071 676 C = 930/890

Alot of springs  
Springs are from Mubea

Drastic Drop ! Front Springs

Rear Springs....also substantial

The shop fitted the springs in about 2 hours flat ! Pretty fast and skilled technicians from Godspeed ! 

Springs are so short, they did not have to compress them to fit the fronts 

Rear Springs fitted

Front springs fitted

Stock Golf 1.4 TSi back in 2016

Golf 7 Retro in Oct 2017

Rear View : 17" Singapore alloy 

Rear View in Oct 2017 : 19" Santiago Alloys

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Conclusion : The ride have definitely improved. Firmer but yet not uncomfortably firm. Coupled with the Dynamic Chassis Control in Comfort mode, the ride is just nice for a Golf 7. 

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