Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Passat B8 : Retrofitting Lane Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control

October 2017 : Passat B8 Retrofit Lane Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control 

The Passat B8 in Singapore is rather plain.  Given there is a R-Line version which looks pretty good but it lacks many features. Only the Exclusive 2.0 Passat B8 tend to be very well spec from factory. Unfortunately, there is hardly any Driver Assist features except Fatigue Alert and AFS Light. 

In Malaysia, the Passat B8 2.0 have the good fortune of having the Lane Assist fitted as standard. Unfortunately they omitted the Adaptive Cruise Control ACC.  A fellow Malaysian B8 owner asked why his Passat only show the parallel lines when he is in Drive Assist display. He was disappointed when I advised that the "car" icon display would only appear if ACC is fitted.

A local 2.0 Exclusive joined the Driver Assistance Pack Club recently.....

Removing the original windscreen under Kelvin's expert hands

Windscreen removed and surface prepared for the new screen

Amazing...the original screen was removed without any damages.
Anyone need a new windscreen ( used ) ?

New screen prepared for installation

Lane Assist Windscreen. 
Original harness need some extension to fit properly

New camera mounting housing 
Tell me the difference between the two emblems.

New ACC Sensor Protective Emblem

Instead of changing a new steering, the cheaper option is to change the buttons.

Believe me, removing this babe is not easy task. High risk in breakage if not careful. 

Finally, coding online for the new controllers....the system is working perfectly.

Picture taken by co-driver...the new set up of ACC and Front Assist/Lane Assist

No, the system is not cheap considering that a new windscreen needs to be used if the Lane Assist option is to be taken. 

And what the customer say at the end

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