Monday, 8 January 2018

Golf Mark 7.5 1.0 TSi Upgrade : Multi Function Steering Wheel

Upgrading Golf 7.5 Trendline with GTI Steering MFSW

Customer bought the newest Golf 7.5 1.0 TSi . A very basic car with the barest of equipment including a steering wheel with a horn button. There is a board computer which is controlled via the right side stalk for the wiper.

It is a Tornado Red Golf 7.5 which have a 3 cylinder 998 cc engine. Engine compartment look strange with the missing cylinder IMHO. Customer have obtained a fuel consumption figure of 20 km/litre. He upgraded the puny 205/50/R16 wheels to OZ Ultraleggera with 225/40R18. He is happy with the fuel consumption but claim that his friend obtained 25km/litre with the original set up. OMG ! 25 km/litre ? My Golf gave me at best 21km/litre on feather lite gas pedalling. 

Nevertheless, he wanted to upgrade his very plain steering to the GTI steering with RED thread. Very matching for his red Golf I have to agree. 

Gorgeous Red Golf 7.5 1.0 TSi  with the new headlights and DRL LED
Pity it did not come with the foggies. 

The new tail lights with LED but without the dynamic signal design

We managed to upgrade his steering to the GTI multi function type with cruise control and managed to upgrade his cluster from a simple board computer display to the multi function features. He can now see his radio/media details, phone data, car data, board computer data etc. The job took many hours due to the relative new car data available. 

GTI Steering with paddles, cruise control, audio/media control, phone and multi function control

Cluster upgraded with the Multi Function Display features controlled via new steering. 

End of the day, the customer was totally astonished by what he had obtain by a simple steering wheel change. We also deleted his Start/Stop feature which was pissing him off from the first day he got his car. 

Next project he have in mind....upgrade to Gesture Control 9.5" Discovery Pro2 with App Connect and Dynaudio ! Planning planning planning if his CFO approves it. 

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