Thursday, 15 February 2018

RCD 330 340 G Plus Upgrading or MIB PQ Radio Upgrade ?

Upgrading Standard RCD510 RNS510 to RCD330 / RCD340 G Plus (downgrade) or MIB PQ upgrade ? 

Following the discontinuation of the RCD and RNS radios in 2014, Volkswagen have introduced the newer MIB/MIB2 PQ radio since 2015. This is a transition radio for all the PQ chassis models such as Polo, Jetta, Tiguan, Sharan and Passat. There are two models available in Singapore since 2015 on the Jetta, Tiguan and Sharan. 

Composition Media MIB for PQ cars ( single SD card slot )

Discover Media with Navigation MIB for PQ cars ( dual SD Card slots )

The App Connect feature on newer radio is a tempting option to upgrade from the old RCD 310 510 or RNS510 to the newer MIB radio which have this feature as standard. The USB/Aux connector is separately mounted compared to the Chinese RCD330/340. 

I find that the MIB radio are pretty neat. It react much faster than the old RCD/RNS radio that we have. The screen display is much brighter, sharper, clearer than the old LED screen of old. The radio icons can be selected to from your own jpeg files. 

One major disadvantage of the Discover Media which actually replaces RNS510, the DVD play have been deleted. In place, the App Connect suppose to allow you to play video or online video via the handphone using Mirror Link. This is hacked though. 

Currently, it is possible to retrofit these radio onto older vehicles which were using the RCD/RNS radios however the cost is a turn off. The MIB2 Discover Media is about S$2800 retrofitted whereas the Composition Media is about $2200. 

There is a cheaper option available from China. This is the RCD 330/340 radio. These are radios made for the Chinese markets. With some compromise, it can be used nevertheless.

Chinese market version PQ MIB with built-in BT, USB App Connect as one single unit

There is only one antenna input whereas VW cars here have two antennas. 

Firstly, the radio antenna has only one input but most VW cars here have the diversity antenna set up and have two antenna inputs. The supplier would provide a 2-into-1 adapter. The reception quality is not good in my opinion. The Volkswagen diversity antenna system does not work in that way when you join up the two into one. Another compromise needed.   

2 into 1 adapter

Vehicles using the RNS-510 already fitted with reverse cameras, would have to change the camera as well. The original camera for the RNS510 is a RGB type whereas the RCD-330/340 uses the RCA Video type.  The newer MQB cars are all using this set up. A change would be inevitable. 

The adapter cable for the new camera is usually supplied. 

Another observation is that the display on the Multi Function Display panel on the instrument cluster does not support the radio/media display unlike the older RCD300/510 RNS510 radios. The steering wheel controls works though. 

The Optical Parking System originally working on the RCD/RNS radios is fortunately, transferred to the RCD330/340 radio without any issues.  

If the vehicle is fitted with Dynaudio Sound System, it would not be possible to code the RCD 330/340 to support it as they are not available in the software of the radio. This would mean that there would be permanent errors on the Radio when diagnosed by the workshop ( all 4 speakers would be open circuit error ) . The sound level would be high as such, the radio volume needs to be set low during operation. The sound is amplified by the Dyaudio sound system no doubt. This have to be compromised. 

Be advised if you are proceeding with the change of the RCD 330/340 radio on your older VW cars from the RCD300/310 RCD510 or RNS510 radios. 

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