Saturday, 21 April 2018

Golf 7.5 Upgrade to Cruise Control CCS and V3 Self Parking OPS 1.0TSi

Golf 1.0 TSi Upgrades : Cruise Control and V3.5 Self Parking OPS

The 1.0 TSi is pretty fact, it is pretty bare ! 

Upgraded his steering wheel to a new Multi Function Control type from the Highline model and added the Cruise Control option on his car. Now cruising down the highway at the legal speed would not be easier. The chances of over speeding and ending up with a speeding ticket would be almost none existence. 

Discarded the Plain Jane Steering

Replaced with the Highline Steering Wheel
(Airbag from his original plain Jane steering is re-used)

Cruise Control CCS set at 80 kph or desired speed

This Golf 7.5 customer have decided that he need a decent parking system on his car. The locally fitted two sensor rear beepers are not sufficient to provide safe reversing of his brand new Golf 1.0 TSi. Installed the latest V3.0 Optical Parking System OPS with 12 sensors all round his vehicle. This would allow the vehicle to perform self automatic parking for both parallel and reverse parking.  

Installed the V3.0 OPS Self Parking with 12 sensors
360 degrees all round information for the car ! 

Self Parking for Parallel/Reverse can
be done automatically ...( the wife would luv it ! )

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