Thursday, 12 July 2018

2014 Touareg DSG / Auto Shifter Upgrade

Upgrade of DSG/Auto Shifter : Joystick to SomethingBetter

The customer was not happy with the simple shifter found on his R-Line 2014 Touareg.  I think it is because his original shifter is found on almost all VW cars ranging from Polo to Passat.  Can't blame him. I am all for him ! 

Upgraded it to this latest "neutral" shifter from Audi ! I must say I am also impressed by it.  I would have chosen this had I not already upgraded mine to the RS design. 

He had wanted one from the GTI or R Golf model but I discouraged him against it. These shifter boot are made from leatherite ( fake artificial leather ) of the poorest quality. It is shame but it is true. So expensive car but the shifter boot use poor quality "vinyl" like leatherite.  They would eventually rot as most vinyl would after several years exposed to the elments. 

Only on the higher end models, VW would use real leather, such as this R-Line Touareg. The look, feel and even smell is different. Small things to some but big things to others. 

Compare this "leather" look alike against the original Touareg shifter
The difference is obvious to the trained eyes.

The original Joystick shifter ( note : real leather boot ! ) 

We opted for the Audi design which is neutral ( no wording or insignia ). Pure quality. The fit was perfect ! 

Short and Sassy ! 

A Million $$$ Look and Feel ! 

Chiobu Shifter ! 

Cost to convert is about S$750 all included.  Worth every cent spent ! 

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