Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My Quest for the V2 Self Park Steer System for my Passat B6

I was told by a spare part dealer in town that he has a Malaysian customer who have bought all the switches and trims for the B7 Passat so that he can convert his B6 Passat interior.  If it is true, I think he would be in for a shock......

in my quest for the V2 Self Park Steer system.....I found out the following :

To change the the Passat B6 Parking Brake Switch ( Push Push/Engage Release format ) to the new Passat B7 Parking Brake Switch ( Pull Push/Engage Release format ) need the following :

1. ABS Module 3AA  ### ### AG/AJ
A new module is needed to adapt to the new design switch Push/Push to Pull/Push. The module was a real BITCH to code !  Eventually, after a ton of emails and telephone calls, I manage to code it 95%.

2. Parking Brake Module
For the same reason of compatibility, you need to replace the electronic Parking Brake Module which is located under the central console panel.  

3. TPMS 2 module plus 4 wheel pressure sensor, harness.
Because the new 3AA module have the Tire Pressure Monitory System II built into the system, you must install the TPMS2 module and it's related sensors, harness. There would be an error code if this is not done. Installing this is another story to be told.....

4. Central Console Trim Assembly 
The entire plastic console from the ash tray area to the rear arm rest area have to be replaced because the two new B7 switch assemblies would not fit onto the B6 console.

5.Shifter Assembly B7
Because the central console is replaced, the old shifter cannot be use as it would not fit . I love my current 747 side triggering DSG shifter which is high chrome finish.  The new B7 shifter is Mat Chrome....not actually what I like............. Change is a must....the trigger would have to be modified from side triggering to the front triggering layout. A specialty of yours humbly CBX autoservices....

6. Existing Push Push Brake Switch on the Dashboard
This would be best replaced as it would become useless after the conversion to the new Park Brake Module. Rewiring to adapt to the new it is slightly different.

7. B7 Central Switch Assemblies
Two new switches would be necessary to replace the modular switches currently used. Along with it, two new connectors and rewiring.

Total cost of the above......estimated....RM6500 + alot of sweat and tears !

At the end.....I have to give up my quest for the V2 Self Park Steer system because changing to the new 3AA ABS module is a pre-requisite but it leads to the the same door as what is described above......I have to change all that have been mentioned.  That is why my new ABS module is 95% successfully coded.  It was nevertheless....a very good learning experience.  I am poorer but wiser.......

CONCLUSION : Not a wise modification

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