Thursday, 28 November 2013

Passat B6 Double Reverse Lights LED !

28 November 2013 : Enhancing Reverse Lights

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Having fitted the dual ring LED lights, the rear visibility of the vehicle have been greatly improved.  As such, the necessity for the Rear Fog lights would not be my opinion. 

Fitted the LHD inner right rear lights which have the reverse bulb fitted.  There is now two reverse bulbs instead of the usual one on the left side. The right side fog light is deleted. The LED brake/signal light ring is retrofitted onto the LHD light assembly.

Night time visibility or dimly lighted car park lots is no longer an issue during reversing manoeuvres.

 The inner left rear lights : RHD with Fog and LHD with Reverse Light

Dual Reverse Lights on the Passat B6 in LED format

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