Saturday, 4 January 2014

Twin Rear Fog Lights on Passat B6

4 Jan 2014 : Missing The Rear Foggies 

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I admit....I miss them very much. The B6 twin reverse lights were nice for a change but everytime I look at my light switch, I see the RearFog light emblem crying to me....

"make me work, pleassseeeee ...I am family ! "

So, I worked on them with these dual Reverse and Fog bulbs which are specially modified for the Jetta Mark 5 dual reverse rear lights.  Have to modify the housing of the light holder to accept the presence of the protruding wire on the bulb.....

The Red SMD LED bulbs are in triple set-up per bulb. Oh yes, they are very very bright ! Blinding actually...

I can see that alot of detailed work in placed into each bulb. Worth the money spent ! 

Here is how it looks when the lights are work in the various stages

Note : The foggies are so bright, I have to reduce the lights exposure of the camera to minimum ! 

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