Thursday, 2 July 2015

Dynamic Chassis Control : Passat B7


The normal suspension on the B7 Passat is simply too harsh for my rear end.  Having graduated from a vehicle with DCC, I simply find the normal suspension too uncomfortable for my liking. 

The DCC on the Passat B7 combined with 17" alloy rims with 235/45R17 Continental tires plus 32 psi pressure is simply very very comfortable. Do find the Contis a bit noisy though. Would be changing them to Michs when the time come so...currently, will put up with them. 

Assembling the critical controller connector with the various circuits needed
After production and insertion of the various circuits ! What a mess !!!

After organising the various circuit arrangement
Placing the DCC Controller beside the factory fitted Trajectory Reverse Camera controller
Rear DCC Shock Absorber installed.

Front DCC Shock and sensors installed
DCC Mode Display on MFD

DCC Mode Selection via left side control switch on central console

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