Monday, 13 July 2015

Adaptive Cruise Control on Passat B7

1st July 2015 : Upgrading Normal Cruise to Adaptive CC

Having experienced what the ACC can do for my ex-love Passat B6, I must have this fitted on the B7 Passat as well.

Having the Adaptive Cruise Control would mean vehicle would also get the Front Assist option enabled.  

Installation quite straight forward.  Remove the front grill and squeeze in the front radar module. The space in between is tight so....special effort needed.  
Good thing about this set up, we did not have to remove the whole bumper ! The space between the bracket and bumper is very tight unlike it was on the B6 Passat. 

The mounting for the radar sensor is also special as we need a special extension bracket over the mounting holes provided by factory. 

The Extension ! 

Placed over the mounting holes, the adapter would complete the installation provision for the radar sensor to be mounted !

Inserted the mounting clips. 

Screwed on the radar sensor ! It is so squeezy there !

Adjusting the Straight Ahead ( Calibration ) of the front radar sensor
using special tool part number CBX VAS6041/3 
Special tool part number CBX-VAS6041/3 

Radar Feedback per VW specification

Next, we have to replace the VW logo with a protective shield to cover the radar sensor
Normal Shield vs ACC Shield

The new ACC sensor shield emblem cover fitted over the radar sensor.

Front Assist Option 

Radar Warning 

Front Assist Option 

Adaptive Cruise Control Option 

ACC Basic Setting 

ACC Distance Setting

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