Saturday, 11 July 2015

Water Ingress Damage : Park Assist or Gateway Module on Golf 6 / Scirocco

11 July 2015 : Water Short Circuit on Park Assist Module or Gateway 

On the Golf 6 and Scirocco , both the Park Assist and Gateway module are mounted behind the relay box/BCM area.  To access it on the RHD vehicle, it is necessary to remove the wiper assembly and access it via an access hole which is normally covered up and bolted onto the chassis. Both these components are located just below the windscreen area. 

Believe that due to the windscreen tinting effort, access water have found it's way onto the harness leading to either the Gateway or Park Assist module. The water may cause the failure of the modules like in this case where the owner did a retinting several days ago and then found that his Park Assist just stopped working. VCDS scan showed that the module is out and not communicating with the system.  

We did an investigation and found that electrical corrosion due to the presence of the water have damaged it. 

So....beware when you send your Golf 6 / Scirocco for tinting.  Other models not affected as the two modules are mounted differently. Nevertheless....water may find their way to other components and cause damages. 

Access Port after removal of wiper assembly

The Park Assist Module is mount upside down with the harness leading down

The old Park Assist module compared to a new replacement
Water have leaded through the pins into the module

Electrical corrosion along the pin connectors inside the module

Water collected at the bottom of the casing and pond the short circuiting of the module

Electrical corrosion 

At bottom of the housing, water was collected and dried off over the days. 

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